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Printed Rewinds & Printed & Laminated Product samples

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We produce a wide range of custom designed film, foil and paper based laminate structures, printed in upto 8 colour high quality process, for primary packaging of products in solid, powder or liquid form, in consumer pack sizes. The customizing process optimizes design for achieving product protection, product filling productivity, brand image promotion and overall cost effectiveness. Specialised structures include those providing high barriers for tropical climate, high strength for transportation over long distances, high speeds on filling lines, holographic images and registered hot melt and cold seal coatings. Pre-formed pouches, including stand-up and re-closeable are also options provided by us
Printed on PET, BOPP, PVC, Cello, Poster Paper, Glassine Paper, Chromo Art Paper

Laminated with various materials like Metalised PET, Metalised BOPP, CPP, LLDPE, EAA COEX, EVA COEX, SURLYN COEX, LDPE, , DPE COEX, LDHDLLDPE COEX, BOPP HS, PET HS, Aluminium foil, PVC, PVDC, Maplitho/poster/craft paper etc.
•   Minimum Roll Width : 35 mm
•   Maximum Roll Width : 1000 mm
All materials used including inks, adhesives and films are specially selected, screened and processed to ensure consistently high quality and consumer safety. Other quality control measures include :

•   Our Total Quality Management program ensures continuous quality improvement
•   We produce packaging using only the finest quality premium grade materials, which are selected and tested by world standard equipment Our production process is       carried out under a strictly controlled and clean environment
•   Several tests are regularly conducted to control residues and contamination
Because over-packaging is as detrimental to our customers' profits as under-packaging is to product freshness, it is our task to find the exact match between product and packaging materials. To achieve this perfect match we must:

•  Work closely with each of our customers at every stage. We have a highly competent and experienced team of professionals who, with the customer, work together      to achieve our mutual goals
•  Implement continuous improvement and self-assessment programs aimed at increasing performance at all stages and levels of the production process including      development of raw materials and optimizing specifications

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