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Rotoflex Standard Printing Machine

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Flexible laminates are composed of two or more materials, which make up a composite material. These may be comprised of a combination of substrate materials along with some kind of thermosetting resin or adhesives for bonding the layers of substrate together.
Few examples of different flexible packaging laminate combinations:
  • Pet / Met Bopp
  • Pet / Poly
  • Pet / Met Pet / Poly
    Gravure or Rotogravure is a type of printing process, which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier (Cylinder). The vast majority of gravure presses print on reels of paper, rather than sheets of paper.

    On the cylinder, the engraved image is composed of tiny dots with different depth and sizes which controls the amount of ink that gets transferred to the material

    A rotogravure printing machine has one printing unit or stations for each color. The numbers of stations vary depending on what colors are required to produce the final image. There are five basic components in each color station: an engraved cylinder, ink fountain, doctor blade, an impression roller, and a dryer.

    When the Printing process is in operation, the cylinder is partially immersed in the ink fountain, filling the recessed cells. As the cylinder rotates, it draws ink out of the fountain with it. At the same time the Doctor blade scrapes the cylinder before it makes any contact with the paper material, removing ink from the non-printing areas. The paper material then gets sandwiched between the cylinder and the impression roller (as shown in the diagram). The ink thus gets transferred from the recessed cells to the paper material. The impression roller here applies force, pressing the paper onto the cylinder, to ensure even and maximum coverage of the ink. The paper material thus then goes through a dryer to dry the paper material before going through the next color station and absorbing another layer of ink.

    A wide range of substrates such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, BOPP etc.. can be printed in the gravure press.
    Printed laminates made by Rotogravure process - printed in upto eight colors depending on the requirements.
    Multi layer laminates of various combinations ranging single layer to five layers such as Pet -Poly, Pet -Metpet -Poly, Bopp -Extrusion laminate -Metpet -Poly, Bopp -Bopp, Pet -Bopp etc., to pack products such as biscuits, candies, chocolates, potato chips, snack foods, tea, coffee, spices, sugar, salt, noodles, cereals, dry fruits, rice, etc.

    BOPET, BOPP, PVC, Cello, Poster Paper, Chromo Art Paper, Glassine Paper

    The strengths of speed, quality, quantity and ability to deliver makes us one of the foremost converters in the world.

    We have under one banner of SLPL the technical expertise from the fields of films, polymers, inks, coatings, adhesives and converting & packaging machinery working together as a team to meet the customer needs.
    We provide following facilities
  • Printing
  • Lamination
  • Slitting
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